View Full Version : Adjusting seat vertically; is there an eye level indicator?

26th Oct 2009, 07:04
Just wondering on the Boeings whether there is an indicator showing where your eye level should be when you adjust your seat up or down?

26th Oct 2009, 07:46
The "three balls" are not there as you may have found out. On the 737 you should adjust your seat that you can just see

a. the bottom of the ND on the Classic
b. the bottom of your PFD and ND on the NG
c. see the bottom edge of the Yaw indicator

This will provide you with just a very "scratching" view of the fuselage forward of the windshield wiper.

This seating position is for CAT II / III approaches and should be the same for all other flights.

26th Oct 2009, 12:19
The 737 classic is a real pain to get the seating right. Often if you get the ND's in just the right place the picture out the window seems strange due to the glareshield being at a different height than normal.

26th Oct 2009, 20:17
The 747s have an eye level indicator on the windscreen post. For fore & aft adjustment, I set the seat so I can see straight down the glareshield at that level.

Jumbo Driver
27th Oct 2009, 19:42
On the 74s I have flown, there is a crossed-tape marker on the window post, the horizontal part being the eye level and the vertical showing fore/aft location. I have to say that I use it only as a guide and that my ideal position is usually slightly above and behind the cross.

As Intruder correctly says, the main point is that your eye-height on the 747 needs to be such that you can just see over and down the top of the glareshield.


27th Oct 2009, 20:00
Yup, same with the rest of the bunch, works on the 737 as well as long as you can see the screens properly, but I agree, especially on the 73 its often guesswork - the manual controls don't help :D

27th Oct 2009, 20:48
Not a Boeing, however...the L1011 has a lighted eye level indicator, which is very useful.

28th Oct 2009, 04:09
In the 777 there is a picture in the manual showing how to sight down over the top of the control wheel to get the correct height.

29th Oct 2009, 13:31
I prefer the About Yea method. You adjust your seat; look at the instruments; and then look through the windscreen and say, "About Yea". :ok:

I Just Drive
29th Oct 2009, 20:04
After 7 years, im yet to find the optimum seating position.

High enough to see the bottom of the PFD, the controls squash my legs, low enough to avoid them, I can't see anything below the loc.

As for forward/aft...... no idea.

Still working on it, maybe one day.

I think I must be a weird shape.

Pugilistic Animus
30th Oct 2009, 00:33
I figured this is sort of on topic: it is a method that I read in an old book on 'cold wx flying' by someone named Jefferey Griffin:

it is a method for estimating inflight visibilty from 'normal eye level'

1. sit in your aircraft; with the aircraft at a level normally used for flight make a mark with a piece of tape on the side window at the level of your eye, measure the heigh of the mark from ramp level

2. have someone place an orange cone at a distance where you can just see it,looking down the nose of the plane

3. compute the TAN value [opposite length over adjacent]

ex: your mark is 6 ft and your distance measured is 30 TAN = 6/30 =.20

the tangent value can then be correated to in flight slant range visibility

Now, I'll have to put the values of TAN vs visibility tomorow as I don't have it before me now.

in the form Tan Value, angle theta in degrees, approx inflight vis at 1000'agl:
0.052,3,19200; 0.070,4,14280; 0.087,5,11500; 0.105,6,9530; 0.123,7,8130; 0.141,8,7090; 0.158,9,6330; 0.176,10,5750; 0.194,5150; 0.213,12,4710; 0231,13,4320;0.249,14,4010;
0.287,16,34800.306,17,3270; 0.325,18,3070; 0.344,19,2910; 0.364,20,2750

this method is useful for those flying 'GA' in order to make a decision if continued VFR is a good Idea,....but I though it would be nice to pass this nice Idea along,...sorry about the values I'm not home:)


30th Oct 2009, 00:47
On the 737 classic i use a highly sophisticated method to adjust my seating position;
Horizontally: so I can touch the forward instrument panel with my outstretched arm.
vertically: so i can just see the rain repellant spray nozzle. works for me!


Pugilistic Animus
30th Oct 2009, 18:19
got those values in case anyone was interested:)


30th Oct 2009, 19:23

1st Nov 2009, 10:56
F/o 737 classic and 800. seat high enough to see white of coming( not sure of spelling for pointy bit outside of window) if you lift your chin. close enough that when I push shoulders back into seat and arm out straight touches some point of reference ( for me closed fist and knuckles on screen where dash meets screen.