View Full Version : Eastern Airlines DC7B incident 1965......

23rd Oct 2009, 18:05
Would anybody know detail of a DUTCH 7 SID off Rwy 31L JFK as operational in FEB 1965?

......Am helping to map out the track of an EAL DC7B that crashed shortly after leaving New York on 08FEB65.

This is for someone who lost a close family member in the incident. The subsequent tracking is easily descernable from the investigation report. It's just the bit leading up to the first Radar heading from Departure Control......

As an inveterate hoarder of stuff, I have still a 1965 Jepperson for a different area somewhere, so I thought it just possible someone else out there may have an old North East area Jep - or Gov equiv. (after all, they make excellent book-ends or paper-weights)

26th Oct 2009, 00:46
My memory may not be exact, but I think the sid called for a turn to 290 after take off and then a turn to 190 or 200 at 1000 feet for vectors to on course.