View Full Version : Use of CVR

23rd Oct 2009, 01:29
Greetings all , wanted to know your company policy and or civil regulations in the use of CVR and or AFIRS reports in the disciplinary action of cockpit crew for an exceedance of an aircraft limitations.
Regards and thanks in advance.

23rd Oct 2009, 01:36
Re. CVR: NOT approved by the company we both work for. A certain gentleman in a certain department went overboard and the situation was immediately corrected by Flt.Ops. as soon as they were made aware of it by the operating captain. Ask the crew involved.
Re.AFIRS: Repeat offenders??? Remember we have to fly the same plane after them.

23rd Oct 2009, 04:50
By all means discuss the philosophy but let's not identify operator or crew, please.