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22nd Oct 2009, 18:58
Hello there! (first post and all that!)

I hope someone can help me, I am looking for more information regarding the Blue Fox radar, as used in the Sea Harrier FRS.1 during the Falklands.

I understand there were 4 modes, AA, AG, Boresight and Sea, and it had a variable range and tilt. I'm wondering if anyone knows how the pilot operated it (changed modes and operated the tilt) and how the information (altitude and closing speed for example) was relayed back on the display and/or HUD? If anyone had access to any operational documentation on its operating parameters and procedures (surely declassified by now?) and could help me out I'd be very grateful!

Also I have seen that the Harrier has warning lights on the top of the instrument panel, that differ in colour, some red and some blue and was wondering if anyone knew which lights were for which warning? In fact any more info (or directions towards info!) regarding the cockpit of the FRS.1 that would help me out greatly!

thanks in advance...

2nd Nov 2009, 20:04
Greetings sharmatt - don't know if it's too far away for you, but I think that the Museum of Flight at East Fortune airfield (east of Edinburgh) have some Blue Fox kit on display - the electronics package/array and also the cockpit controls. The local enthusiasts would probably be glad to assist. I have some pix and e address if you wish to pm me. :ok: