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21st Oct 2009, 23:25
Does anyone know of any good flying instructor courses or have any advice as far as doing a flying instructor courses (besides that there are no jobs ) I ve searched the net and found flying schools that offer the course but im sure some are better than others and was hoping to get some insight on the matter.

thank you

22nd Oct 2009, 06:38
which "bay area"
it might matter to those willing to help you in your plight
the "bay area" is not limited to SF

22nd Oct 2009, 20:08
:ugh: DA-10mm thats a very good point ...i was actually looking for instructor courses mostly in the UK . Thanks for the help!

22nd Oct 2009, 21:20
My suggestion and I'm sure people will have others are, (in no particular order):

Kevin Rowell - Advanced Flight Training
Mark Young - OnTrack Aviation

Great courses and great guys going the extra mile to get the best out of you.

Best of luck!

23rd Oct 2009, 05:53
...though, we do have many JAA on staff (along with many JAA students) here at a US school...

Cows getting bigger
23rd Oct 2009, 06:25
Carol Cooper - Andrewsfield
Eva Paul - TPC Denham

23rd Oct 2009, 20:35
Try Mike wood aviation south west at exeter