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21st Oct 2009, 16:53
Hi guys,

I was wondering what is the normal cruise mach number for the B-737NG.

21st Oct 2009, 17:20
Cost Index dependent but no more than 78

21st Oct 2009, 17:27
Depends on cost index, wind component, cruise altitude, gross weight, and TAT. Higher weights, I've seen slightly greater than 785, and lower weights 76 plus or minus.

21st Oct 2009, 17:32
Enter cost index of 200, and you may see more than .80


21st Oct 2009, 17:40
Enter cost index of 200, and you may see more than .80

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21st Oct 2009, 18:05
You still cruising above 78?

21st Oct 2009, 18:33
CI 35 - cruise around .78
CI 100- cruise around .805

21st Oct 2009, 19:07
Cost Index is airline specific, not absolute, so your 35 could be another's 25!

21st Oct 2009, 19:27
We used to fly ours regularly at M.815/320kts on six leg days with 25 minute turnarounds. The only concession was to enter .8 on the climb page. Fortunately those days are passed. However it is still pretty common to be flying faster than cost index which in our case is below 20.

porch monkey
22nd Oct 2009, 08:49
77,78,79, 80 sometimes. (rare) Depends how desperate you are......

b.a. Baracus
22nd Oct 2009, 09:25
I had never heard of cost index before!

....... Don't use them C172's! (except perhaps Vwallet)

Useful document here http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/articles/qtr_2_07/AERO_Q207_article5.pdf