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13th Oct 2009, 05:31
What is Boscombe Down used for these days?

Was it a RAF aerodrome during WW2?

13th Oct 2009, 07:20
Google is your friend

13th Oct 2009, 07:51
Doesn't Sting use it as his private strip? :rolleyes:


THE pop star Sting has been foremost among local residents campaigning - on the basis that it infringes their human rights - to prevent the RAF from increasing aircraft movements to and from the airstrip in Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. Ungrateful wretch! At least twice in the last year, he has obtained a special dispensation from the Ministry of Defence to send his private jet roaring out from the airfield in question.

13th Oct 2009, 10:21
I guess Boscombe Down was there before Sting moved into the area, and when he did so, he knew BD was there - no sympathy whatever!

PPRuNe Pop
13th Oct 2009, 14:10
Boscombe was there even before he was twinkle! :ugh:

13th Oct 2009, 14:26
Fighter commands only VC of the war was awarded to a pilot operating from there during the battle of britain

aw ditor
13th Oct 2009, 15:22
Sting stung?

13th Oct 2009, 17:25
Re Sting..A stay as an in patient at near by Porton Down will do him good ! :)