View Full Version : East german Il-18 repainted in their original LUFTHANSA colours

Kerosene Kraut
12th Oct 2009, 12:28
As you might know in the late 1950s east Germany operated their scheduled flights under it's own Lufthansa brand. Only after losing a courtcase against west Germany's Lufthansa they switched everything to their charterflight brand Interflug.

Now a static display Ilyushin Il-18 at Leipzig airport got repainted in that original "Deutsche Lufthansa" (East) colours for the first time. It got delivered in that style back then. Note the old DM reg. too. Please have a look for yourself:

Leipziger Iljuschin Il-18 wieder in historischen Lufthansa-Farben lackiert - FLUG REVUE (http://www.flugrevue.de/de/zivilluftfahrt/airports/leipziger-iljuschin-il-18-wieder-in-historischen-lufthansa-farben-lackiert.14531.htm)

Ridge Runner
12th Oct 2009, 13:33
Very nice! A cool machine.... RR

Kerosene Kraut
12th Oct 2009, 14:08
I wished they'd do the interiors next. And then, make it airworthy again.

Amos Keeto
12th Oct 2009, 15:05
Great shame they have painted the belly/wings/engine light grey instead of the correct silver finish. Although the original scheme was natural metal, there are plenty of protective acrylic silver paints that can be used as a subsitute. For me, if they are going to restore an aircraft in its original, it has to be 100% authentic and not a compromise.:=

12th Oct 2009, 17:26
I'm sure if you send them the money for the correct finish and the upkeep thereof, they'd be very happy. If not, accept it for what it is - a good looking visual restoration.

Amos Keeto
12th Oct 2009, 17:41
If they can afford grey paint, they can afford silver paint! Sorry, but I'm a purist! :*

Kerosene Kraut
13th Oct 2009, 09:36
Point taken. But given the fact that an airport spends money this way I'd dare to say below the line it's a pretty good venture. And don't they keep an Interflug Il-62 and a Tu-134 as exhibits as well?

Their Il-62 might need some paint next.
DDR-SEF - Interflug Ilyushin IL-62 Aircraft - Leipzig - Halle @ Airplane-Pictures.net (http://www.airplane-pictures.net/image52478.html)