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24th Feb 2002, 19:56
From the <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/england/newsid_1838000/1838843.stm" target="_blank">BBC News Website</a>

Three people fled to safety after an aeroplane caught fire minutes before it was due to take off. . .The Piper twin-engined aircraft had taxied to the end of the runway at Blackpool airport when smoke was spotted coming from one of its engines.

A team of the airport's own firefighters were called to the scene just before 1400 GMT on Sunday and extinguished the flames.

The three people on board the aircraft were taken back to the terminal building but did not need hospital treatment.

. .Garry Eastwood, managing director of Blackpool Airport, said: "Fortunately someone spotted the fire before the plane took off

"Our own fire team dealt with the incident although the emergency services were contacted.

"There were three people on board but they got off the plane and were unharmed."

Mr Eastwood said the Civil Aviation Authority would be informed of the incident but he thought it unlikely there would be an inquiry.

He said the fire in the five-seater plane's engine was probably caused by a mechanical fault.

He added: "It is quite rare for a fire to start in an engine."