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10th Oct 2009, 05:45
Having class ratings as SEP - MEP - IR ME SP - FI - current and many type ratings with ME MP not current and TT 7000 with 6500 ME MP, do you confirm that before starting CRI(mep land) course I shoul have flown 10 hours on MEP in the last 12 months?
Or do I need to be only current on MEP since I'm already a current FI?

10th Oct 2009, 07:12
In addition to the requirements below, please also refer to
the Instructor Ratings (Aeroplane) pre-requisites detailed
previously in Section H0.
An applicant for the issue of a CRI(SPA) rating for multiengine
aeroplanes shall have:
a. A valid Multi-Engine Piston (Land) Class or Single
Pilot Multi-Engine Type Rating.
b. Completed at least 500 hours flight time as pilot of
c. Completed at least 30 hours as PIC on the applicable
type or class of aeroplane prior to commencing the
course. It should be noted that ME SPIC time is not
allowable towards this 30 hours requirement.
d. Completed an approved course at an approved FTO
or TRTO including at least five hours flight instruction
on the aeroplane or a flight simulator given by an
instructor approved for this purpose (see Appendix
1 to JAR-FCL 1.380 and AMC FCL 1.380); and 25
hours* teaching and learning theoretical knowledge
e. Passed the relevant elements of a FI Skill Test in a
single pilot, multi-engine aeroplane with a suitably
qualified FIE(A).

10th Oct 2009, 08:28
If you are an FI then why are you doing the CRI course?

Would it not be better to have the limitation on your licence restricting you to instructing on single engine aircraft removed?

To have that limitation removed you have to meet the requirements of JAR-FCL 1.380 (a)

The 10 hours in the last 12 months you refer to are only applicable to CRI's who want to extend their privileges to another class or Type.

10th Oct 2009, 08:58
Thank you very much.