View Full Version : TR Examiners: Training before Check

8th Oct 2009, 15:33
Hi all,

Acc. FCL an examiner is not supposed to train pilots during an initial training for whom he is planned to be the examiner.

How about the LPC or OPC? I can remember in previous years that it was quite normal to have the same Examiner for the training session and for the check. Has anything changed in regard to this?

8th Oct 2009, 21:25
Applies to training towards the issue of a licence or rating after what will be a Skill Test.

Refresher training to a pilot / pilots who already hold the rating followed by the LPC/OPC checks is not included in that restriction.

So if it is an initial - then examminer can not teach the sim sessions but for refresher since the pilots are already rating holders, the restriction does not apply.

As far as FCL is concerned, rated pilots do not have to do any training before LPC - so what you are doing on the refresher training is outside FCL required training and therefore does not affect you later doing the LPC