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8th Oct 2009, 11:18
I've just completed a seminar with On-Track to revalidate my rating. This was the second occasion that I've attended and, although the presenting team were enthusiastic and professional, I'm not convinced that the format as it stands is particularly useful. Firstly, there was an awful lot which was the same as the previous occasion, slightly updated, but rather tedious to sit through again. Twenty five percent of the two days was taken up by syndicate presentations - apparently to fulfil a 'briefing' requirement' -which didn't seem to be a particularly value-added component. I appreciate that the providers are working within constraints from above, and I sense that this is where the problem lies. Additionally, it's a 'one size fits all' exercise so what is useful to the newly-qualified instructor tends to be a bit of an egg-sucking session for the experienced. For me, it was two days of low-arousal stuff, enlivened by just two gems, the update on EASA and the aeromedical lecture.

To me, there are endless possibilities for lively interchange when a large bunch of instructors get together so I'm broadly supportive of the seminar concept but I feel that the current format is wrong, mainly due to the dead hand of bureaucracy limiting the scope. My suggestion would be fewer 'death-by-Powerpoint' lectures and more small round-the-table groups discussing set topics. If they binned the syndicate presentations, it could even be reduced to a single day - a valuable consideration for cash-strapped junior instructors.

Personal grumble here. I know CAA has to be self-funding, but how can they justify 84 for revalidation when the seminar organisers do all the paperwork and sign the licence?

Full marks to On-Track, by the way, for doing a good job within the above constraints.

8th Oct 2009, 15:30

just wondering, what kind of instructor rating are you holding? IR / FI?

9th Oct 2009, 08:13
Unrestricted FI, single and multi-engine, although the ME is currently lapsed.

A and C
9th Oct 2009, 15:37
I guess like me you have just been to the On Track seminar, I too had mixed feelings about the format and went to the On Track event rather than the AOPA seminar for a change.

By and large I found the problems that the providors faced are the making of the system, one or two of the syndicate presentations were very good and I am sure like me you took something away from those presentations, however the presentations of pre-flight briefings (good as they all were for a student) did nothing to help me.

Some of the presentatons were dull but nesessary (please tell me how EASA FCL legislation can be otherwise!) and I feel for the guys who have to present this stuff, they did a far better job than I could!

One or two of the presentations got the five star mark for quality so all was not lost.

In conclusion I did take away a few things that I could use, the quality stuff far out weighed the dull bits and so within the system that On Track has to operate I feel they did a good job for a fair price.

11th Oct 2009, 19:20

How does the On-Track offering compare with AOPA's?