View Full Version : Standardisaton of Instructor qualifications under EASA?

8th Oct 2009, 06:32
There have been a few threads recently about different national interpretations of instructor qualifications (CRI, IRI etc) under JAR, and refusal of some JAR authorities to recognise qualifications acquired elsewhere in JARland.

Does anybody know how this will be resolved under EASA? Will we continue with the same chaotic and protectionist system? Or will EASA oblige all adherents to follow a common regulation?

8th Oct 2009, 08:12
There is nothing in the NPA's about Instructor qualifications at the moment. So I would suspect that at the moment they will continue as they are.

8th Oct 2009, 21:40
Instructors are dealt with in Subpart J of EASA NPA 2008-17B which is the proposed part FCL.

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9th Oct 2009, 07:06
Thanks DFC, missed that one.