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Ken Borough
7th Oct 2009, 23:11
This juicy bit of scuttle-butt from the CBD column in today's SMH is all that Alan Joyce really needs..

A handy rule if you're a Qantas director
October 8, 2009

By Scott Rochfort

Qantas appears to have one rule for passengers, one for staff and another for its board of 11 directors.

One CBD spy checking in for flight QF94 from Los Angeles to Melbourne on Friday was surprised that some passengers were unable to get a seat and had to be bunked up for the night in the City of Angels. Obviously those discounted tickets are selling well despite the downturn.

Our informant also noticed that Qantas director Patricia Cross struck it lucky along with four other family members.

Any normal Qantas staff member would have had Buckley's chance of a seat but the US-born Cross and her clan do not travel as staff members.

Cross, we are told, used her FOC (free of charge) tickets to score a first-class berth for herself and her husband, who also reportedly challenged the Qantas staff policy no-no of wearing jeans at the snotty-nosed end of the aircraft.

The former Chase Manhattan banker and NAB director's three children had to rough it in business class. They allegedly raised the eyebrows of several passengers by breaking the Qantas staff dress code by wearing shorts. But apparently FOC passengers are not required to abide by the dress code. Or as the airline said in a statement to CBD: ''These arrangements are provided separate to the Qantas staff travel scheme and are not governed by the scheme''.

Qantas tried yesterday to hose down any further negative publicity, noting that the economy passengers bumped off the flight were not only given hotel rooms but upgraded to business class on the next day's flight, if they chose not to be compensated.

As for Cross, Qantas said: ''We do not discuss the travel arrangements of individual passengers, including directors but, consistent with practice in the airline industry, Qantas directors and their nominated direct family members or partners are entitled to a limited number of flights for personal purposes as part of their remuneration arrangements.'' Cross failed to return phone calls to provide her version.

Life is sooooo good for those right at the top!:mad::mad::E:E

8th Oct 2009, 03:47
Whoops.....! Sorry Kegmeister..... and sorry to you too Kenny

8th Oct 2009, 04:56
If you check the time it was originally posted by Ken he was two minutes behind the other thread. They were both posting at the same time. :rolleyes:

8th Oct 2009, 09:07
why are we surprised.

...............the fish goes off from the head first...........

BTW: who pays the FBT on the FOC tickets