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The Bluesmobile
1st Sep 2001, 16:44
There appears to be somebody in the Gatwick area sending out bogus invoice or account statements to aircrew.

Today in the post I recieved a letter postmarked Gatwick containing what can only be described as a very amatuerish fake invoice. It is titled 'International Aviation Group Ltd', Aug statement, (no address or phone number given) It contains the heading 'fees/accom' with a figure both in US dollars and UK sterling. Thats all, nothing else. Very wierd indeed!

Without contact details obviously there's little chance of tracking down the sender, however it is of concern that somebody appears to have obtained my address from an aviation source (ie, Gatwick postmark and I was addressed as Capt xxxxxx)

Anyone got any clues, or had similar experiences?

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1st Sep 2001, 18:18
Next time you are in Gatwick and decide to take advantage of 'Lady Jane's Travelling Masseuse Service, No Job too Small' make sure you tick the box that says you don't want any more correspondence.

That'll teach you not to read the small print.


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1st Sep 2001, 20:51
How are you supposed to pay it if they gave no address? If they gave Bank Account details then that is your or the local police service's lead.

The Bluesmobile
2nd Sep 2001, 03:09
what the hell.... nice one, But I have'nt been around Gatwick for about a year, honest!

I have to say I'm a bit puzzled over the whole thing. It appears to be a complete crank. With no contact address I can only assume the objective ( if the sender has one) is to let me know that he has my address.....bizarre to say the least

The point of posting here was really just to see if anyone else in the aviation fraternity had receieved anything similar.
so far it would appear not!