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5th Oct 2009, 10:21

I wondered if anybody has any experience or has done just this...

I am about to undertake my CPL, Multi and IR and then plan to get my instructors rating. Is there any way where I can register a LTD buisness before I undertake my training, (which after I finally get my instrustors rating and other associated necessities, I will operate a training school under the company) With this, the idea would be to claim VAT relief on my CPL, multi and IR training, through this registered company?

If anyone has done this or similar, and could offer any advise on the pitfalls, hang-ups or why this is not possible then I would be very interested.

many thanks


5th Oct 2009, 11:47
Use google and do an advanced search. Topic has been discussed many many times. The answer is no but you can read these for some background and search away till your hearts content.



5th Oct 2009, 12:18
you say the answer is 'no'.... i have already read some of the posts where almost everybody who posted said it is possible, and some even said they had done it. Admitedly the posts were from 2001, but unless the law has changed since then I cant ase what it shouldnt be fesable.
Thanks for your response anyhow, and ill look into it further.

5th Oct 2009, 12:58
The law has been changed; that loophole has been closed.

Furthermore, you talk about running a (flight?) training school once you have your intrustors (sic) rating. I don't think you have done your research properly otherwise you would realise the enormity of the task of gaining all the necessary licencing to be able to hold such a position as CFI - let alone the credibility to attract customers.

Please read the links posted by pkb above.


5th Oct 2009, 14:09


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