View Full Version : How Do I Convert UK ATPL(H) & CPL(FW) to FAA Equivalent

5th Oct 2009, 08:43
Looking for advice on easiest, quickest and most cost effective way of getting FAA Commercial Licences. Age 60. 12,000hr split equally between RW & FW. Currently holding UK ATPL(H) and UK CPL (Fixed Wing) & IRs for both. Can anyone advise?

5th Oct 2009, 09:16
You take the written exams. You do 3 hours with an FAA CFI/CFII in each of the categories that you want and take a check ride with a DPE for each category. Some can be combined into a single check ride.

It depends on what you want to do. The FAA do not have the blanket coverage that JAA does on it's licence. So if you do a ME ATP then you will only have ATP privileges on a ME as an example.

You will need TSA and a VISA if doing it in the USA or just TSA if outside of the USA.

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5th Oct 2009, 10:33

I want to do the same thing with my JAA ATPL (Fixed).

I understand that FAA Part 61.153 states you have to do a written exam and a practical test. I can't find exactly which written (i.e. Instrument Foreign Pilot, Complete ATPL, etc). I also can't find if I can do the practical in an approved simulator and what ratings I can transfer.

(hope this is of use to tabdy and I'm not hijacking his topic)

5th Oct 2009, 10:45
You do the FAA ATP test if you already hold a foreign CPL or ATP and take the ATP check ride.

If you hold a foreign CPL you must meet the ATP issues standards, 1500 hours, 100 hours at night etc.

5th Oct 2009, 16:47
Sounding a bit hopeless but any steers on where to go to swat up and train for the written ATP test.

5th Oct 2009, 16:58
ASA do the self study books with the question bank. Checkride.com has the test bank and you can practice the exams in exactly the real format you will sit them including the real questions.

FAR AIM is a source of the regulation you need to learn. Everything else you should know as a CPL/ATPL now.