View Full Version : PPrune Nobbled By QF Management?

5th Oct 2009, 07:25
I started a thread this morning regarding the way in which Qantas management intimidates its employees.The thread was punted to Cabin Crew.It was then moved somewhere I know not.
I now find that anything to do with Cabin Crew and under the jurisdiction of the Mod in Charge is no longer available to me.
I have mellowed over the last 18 months and took myself away from Pprune for a while.
I am at a loss as to why I have been cast into the exterior darkness
Perhaps Qantas Managment is not happy with some of the content herein contained and anything vaguely anti Qantas warrants a call to PPrune from QF and it is henceforth removed.
Thats what I call real clout from a very sensitive corporation.
Australia is no longer a democracy where freedom of speech is a right

5th Oct 2009, 07:31
Australia is a democracy...

Pprune isnt, unless you wish to give your full name, birth and address!

5th Oct 2009, 07:46
Dont you think that naming specific flights and dates and making statements about specific crew on those flights might be a little irresponsible? Perhaps you are not as smart as you think you are if you cant figure that out.

5th Oct 2009, 07:55
The incident is fairly common knowledge.I did not name anyone.In fact the FAAA is involved and the investigation has been initiated in tandom with members of management.
I now find that details have been posted on the FAAA website
I was merely pointing out that this may be a watershed and this form of intimidation would hopefully cease.
Nowhere did I suggest I was "clever".What I am about is fairness.
Intimidation in the work place is illegal and needs to cease

tail wheel
5th Oct 2009, 07:56
DEFCON4. You’re massaging your ego if you think QF Management even read your posts or bother to contact PPRuNe.

To set the record straight, in over ten years moderating PPRuNe forums I don’t recall one instance when we were contacted by an Australian airline. Your comments are falling on deaf ears!

Moderator TightSlot removed your access to CC & CC Wannabe Forums due to you ignoring repeated warnings about repetitious anti-QF rhetoric.

Your access to this forum is also in jeopardy.

5th Oct 2009, 07:56
twiggs is merely going for "the attack is the best means of defense" ploy....

ditch handle
5th Oct 2009, 07:58

provided you post positively about Qantas you'll be fine.

5th Oct 2009, 08:03
My ego is where it belongs...in my back pocket.
All I have ever tried to point out is the toxicity of the workplace and the appalling way in which employees are treated.
It needs to stop.
About this I am passionate.
Expose this treatment to sunlight and it withers and dies

5th Oct 2009, 08:09
Is anti-QF rhetoric not allowed on DG & P :confused:

I didn't see this mentioned in the T&C's :hmm:


5th Oct 2009, 09:42
To slightly amend tail wheel´s post; being anti QF (being anti your own company?) is fine.
None of us work for Qantas, none of us have a management position in any other airline, all 3 of us CC Mods work as CC for major none-Australian airlines.
We are not beholden to any airline´s management.

What many of the supposed QF keyboard warriors on the CC forum fail to understand, is that their endless cycle of controversial and bitter/twisted QF CC threads chokes the forum.
Threads where participants fail to stick to the forum rules, where they snipe, go for personal attacks, flame each other and generally behave like feral 4 year olds in a grubby sandbox, are not what the forum is there for.

We do not run a kindergarten for aggressive toddlers; we run a forum for professional cabin attendants.

Those who have firmly put themselves in the first category, are no longer welcome on the CC forum.