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Pterois Volitans
4th Oct 2009, 23:54
Can anybody advise as to how you go about getting upgraded to a LAME in base maint with QF. (You already have the correct licenses and other G20/21 aircraft) how long do you have to wait or is it who you play golf with :ugh:
It is my understanding that the "casual" LAMES are being kept on so that they do not have to train anyone, therefore saving money! and please do not get me started about certain casual lames :mad:

5th Oct 2009, 00:21
It all comes down to the Ops Managers wanting to big note themselves. When the guys chosen for 380 have all gone to 96 and then they get 100+ AMEs from EOC and the sh1t starts hitting the fan then it might happen.

They might be getting 100 tradesmen some are even trade qualified AMEs but they will be treated as apprentices until they come up to speed, so this is going to have the effect of reducing crew strength in the short to medium term as the new guys will need 1 on 1 supervision, this might be the wake up call that will make the idiot managers utilise the qualified but unpaid LAMEs they already have.

So fingers crossed.

They also talk about the 12 guys coming from SIT. This may or may not happen. Then SDT are wanting people as well so either way base seems to be losing more LAMEs than it is training. Common sense would dictate to make up people these AMEs as it would save time and money. And most if not all of them are ex heavy blokes who have been shafted by QF before and should be shown a little compassion.

But common sense is something that the 3 musketeers have little of.

Pterois Volitans
5th Oct 2009, 06:30
Thank you for your feed back. I guess it is just a waiting game? and then to be lucky in having your name pulled out of the hat when the time comes. I hope that they use a fair "system" when the it happens and not rely on the old boy/golf club/:mad: network.
Besides that........ could you offer any advice as how to improve the odds of being selected when the time comes.

going down-under
6th Oct 2009, 07:55

I know nothing about QF and how they do this, but how about talking to your supervisor/manager let them know your interested and willing. If you stay quiet and wait they'll pick the guy that they know best.

Good luck

6th Oct 2009, 13:56
Perhaps it is easy as resigning your AME position and reapplying for a LAME job (might be on the same base and same employer...but why limit yourself)?

another superlame
8th Oct 2009, 10:06
Nice thought Flex but unrealistic, too many egos to get past