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4th Oct 2009, 19:30
Hi There,

Excuse me im a newbie to PPRuNe,

Can you assist with the answer to the following question.

I am trying to train for my ppl, a share in a plane cessna 172 is available for purchase, in the group is a instructor.
Can i learn to fly and gain the correct hours in a group plane with a private instructor.

Thanks Malcolm

5th Oct 2009, 07:23
Yes you can as long as the aircaft has a valid ' Certificate of Release to Service'. Such a certificate can only be issued by a licenced engineer following an inspection. NO pilot maintenance may be carried out while your training takes place.

Further, you may only train for a licence within a Registered Training Facility (RTF) from a licenced aerodrome, so you would have to get a Flying club who is a RTF to agree.

Insurance is a legal requirement for all aeroplanes - does the insurance policy allow ab-initio training. If not there is likely to be an additional cost to the premium!