View Full Version : JAA Flight instructors with no CPL (PPL + FI)

3rd Oct 2009, 19:32
I have browsed this forum and seen the many debates about Flight instructor job conditions in the UK.

Things are so bad that some newly qualified flight instructors have suggested working for free to get their foot on the ladder. But these same instructor wannabes have been labelled as "prostitutes", told that they lack respect for themselves and fellow professionals. Bascially they are scorned like a medieval plague on here!

But it leads me to ponder something; Aren't there flight instructors who hold PPL's and have no choice but to work for free?

They may have chosen the PPL FI route because they want to teach on weekends or during their off days from another line of permanent work. Some probably can't hold class 1 medicals or dont want to be a professional pilot. Or some just want to teach part time because they love it, and want to stay connected with the flying side of things.

Would any of you reading this post consider the PPL FI who has to work for free as a "prostitute" or lacking respect for the position or themselves?

I'd especially like to hear the opinons of active PPL FI's who instruct for clubs or smaller flying schools. What is your opinion? Do you consider yourself as lowering the working conditons of professional instructors?
Has it been easy for you to find instructing positions considering the state of the professional job market, or the sometimes negative opinions of professional flight instructors towards the idea of working for free.

And why would the CAA/JAA have an instructor rating for PPL holders? (Not suggesting it is wrong, just curious)

Come on, lets here what you all have to say, but try and keep it clean.....:ok:

4th Oct 2009, 14:00
And why would the CAA/JAA have an instructor rating for PPL holders? PPL flying was traditionally a recreational activity that generally takes place within clubs. Like many other recreational activities, you will find instructors who do it for enjoyment, to pass on their experience and expertise. The BGA has retained its recreational status throughout.

I thought the first principal of "prostitution" was that it involves money changing hands; it is after all the oldest profession. Instructors who work for free surely do not qualify for such a title, they are just enthusiastic amateurs.

If an instructor does not need to earn money then the best of luck to them in this rip off World.