View Full Version : BBMF 'giving' Hurri LF363 to the Indian AF?

1st Oct 2009, 10:17
Top story in 'Aeroplane' mag this morning is that the BBMF is 'giving' Hurricane LF363 to the Indian Air Force historic flight, in return for a box of bits which one day may constitute a Mk1 Hurricane...:=

Would BBMFPRO like to comment??


1st Oct 2009, 10:36
Well on another forum, someone at BBMF has posted that it's a big IF it happens but it wouldn't be a box of bits they get back but an airworthy Mk1.

So, that implies that this is being considered, and therefore IMHO, the idiot that dreamed up such a preposterous idea should be shown the error of his/her ways in no uncertain terms :mad::ugh:

There's absolutely no logical reason for this to even be considered.

LF and PZ are just too important.

I could just about see some logic to swaping/selling one of the later mark Spits for a 3rd Hurri, but not a like for like swap, especially LF and it's history of the longest serving RAF aircraft........it's just insanity :(

I keep looking at a calender to see if the date is April 1st :eek:

Amos Keeto
1st Oct 2009, 10:49
Could the majority care if the BBMF Hurricanes are Mk.1s or Mk. IICs? I couldn't and losing either PZ865 or LF363 would be like losing an old friend (I'm still grieving after Mossie RR299 crashed and was w/o). This is just unthinkable and if there is some doubt about this, I can't think why Aeroplane have reported this as though it will?:rolleyes: