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30th Sep 2009, 08:21
I have been reading PPRUNE for quite a long time and I have a few questions (please be gentle if they appear silly, I hope they don't)

Since leaving school I have wanted to learn to fly but for various reasons I have not been able to (other commitments) I am now thinking of taking up flying to get my PPL. If I wish to become an instructor what steps do I need to take? Also, Can instructing be done part time? What sort of money can be earned from instructing? Is instructing a good way to help build up hours?
I do understand that I wont become the richest chap in the world!
I would like to do this to help me move from my current job to another job working in the avation world.

I am in IT&telecoms engineering and 34 years of age.

Thanks in advance for any input


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30th Sep 2009, 17:40
To become an instructor in the UK you need to.....

1) Attain your PPL - any school at your local airfield will be able to give you details of what you need to do for this.
2) Build hours - there is a minimum number of hours that you need to have interms of experience before you can undertake your CPL.
3) In parallel to this, study for your CPL ground exams - these can be done when your ready.
4) Once you have the hours - do the CPL flying course. Upon successful completion you would have a Commercial Pilots Licence and be able to be paid to fly. This is only necessary if you want to be paid (even part time!)
5) Undertake the FI training course and become a flying instructor.

Full details and exact requirements can be found in http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/LASORS2008%20(Bookmarked).pdf



30th Sep 2009, 20:08
Many thanks. Looks like a long road, I have called my local flying club (based at Newcastle) and plan a trial lesson very soon. Thanks for your answer. I cant wait........


1st Oct 2009, 06:00
...or you could come across the pond.
less hassle and cheaper.