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26th Sep 2009, 19:58
If you want to be an instructor with a PPL license, after you've done your CPL writtens, do you need;

A) A JAA PPL or can an ICAO PPL do?
B) CLass 1 or Class 2 medical?

26th Sep 2009, 22:44
A, You would need a JAA licence to put the JAA rating on, so yes you need a JAA licence. It would have to be put on by the state of licence issue so it depends weather they accept PPL's as instructors, the UK do but not all JAA members states do.

B, Again the medical depends on the PPL or CPL bit and if you want to be paid. You can instruct on your PPL in the UK with a Class II but you cannot be paid to do so.


27th Sep 2009, 02:50
As I understand it you need a Class 1 to instruct.
You cannot get paid unless you have completed the CPL exams, flight test and have the Class 1.
You can instruct without renumeration without the flight test.
That I think is the jist of it though I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct or dare I say it agree.

27th Sep 2009, 10:16
No class one medical needed.

You cannot start an FIC unless you have met the JAR theory requirments. Plus the required flying experience.

You do not need a CPL.

I had all ready stated the correct details.


If you want to be a flying instructor as a career path, the route would be CPL or ATPL theory exams, CPL course and flight test, FI course and flight test. Ideally you would obtain a class one medical before spending any money!

If you want to do it and not get paid (?).
Class II medical, PPL, CPL/ATPL theory, flying experience, FI course. Go instructing!

Jay_Solo, I would strongly advise doing the FIC if you are keen on the idea its really good. :ok:

27th Sep 2009, 19:55
If you only hold a PPL you need 200 hours of which 150 hours are PIC to do the FI Course. If you hold a CPL you only need the 200 hours total time.

28th Sep 2009, 00:50
I been conned, I have just completed th CPL exams and did the Class 1 whilst down in the Belgrano under the impression that it was needed for instruction. I suppose the CAA need the 340 quid more than me anyway, my fault for not checking more thoroughly.

28th Sep 2009, 01:44
I been conned, I have just completed the CPL exams and did the Class 1 whilst down in the Belgrano under the impression that it was needed for instruction. I suppose the CAA need the 340 quid more than me anyway, my fault for not checking more thoroughly.

28th Sep 2009, 06:28
I been connedNo, you have not read the material that tells you what you require, thats your responsibility. You do need the CPL exams to instruct even on a PPL!

28th Sep 2009, 12:55
Ok, but going back to my original question:

The scenario is I want to instruct part-time on my PPL. I am not looking to be paid as its a part-time thing, and just to keep me in the air.

I ask about the medical because;

a) You dont need a class 1 to have a PPL
b) Most CPL and ATPL ground school courses want you to have a class 1, assuming that everyone wants to be a professional pilot. They do not say, that if you are studying the CPL or ATPL subjects to gain your PPL FIC, you need only a Class 2. So that is what I wanted clarified. Why should I get a class 1, when a class 2 will do, is my thinking.

And I asked about ICAO PPL, because to get on the ATPL or CPL courses, which gives you the JAA/EASA knowlege, you only need a ICAO PPL. So would it apply if you just wanted to get a PPL FIC, or would you need to convert to a JAA License (3 writtens & RT and flight tests etc)

Hope this clarifies things.

28th Sep 2009, 13:45
NO class one needed. 100% sure!!!

Yes you will need to convert to a JAR licence if you want a JAR FI rating.
As with any rating they need to be added to the appropriate licence by the state of licence issue as I said before.

So, you need only bother with a Class 2 medical and you need a JAR licence to stick your JAR FI(r) onto.

You will also need to tick a few other boxes, some have been mentioned already, they are all in JAR FCL or if you are doing it for the UK to be your state of licence issue look in Lasors 2008, Section H.

29th Sep 2009, 01:37
Which is exactly what you have done with with my post 6/7 (finger stutter) in which I freely admited I hadn't read the requirements throughly enough.
Who needs to be married when we have PPrune.

4th Oct 2009, 20:55
OK Solar, let's put it another way. You said "I been conned" - who by?

5th Oct 2009, 06:01
Slow day BilleBob

5th Oct 2009, 16:12
I been conned

Only by yourself.

As any level of pilot it is your responsibility to read the regulations - especially if you are considering doing a flight instructor rating.

Not trying to be harsh - just need to point you in the right direction of your legal responsibilities.

6th Oct 2009, 00:14
Not wanting to get into a pointless pissing contest here as I have already said it was my fault for not doing a more in depth search and relying instead on the advice of several instructors not to mention the schools advertising FI courses that without fail state that a class 1 is required for a CPL course without making the distinction that it is not required for FI course.
But as they say everyday is a school day unless your in Pprune then every posting is a lesson.
The conned remark was a joke as I thought most people would have realised, wrong again.
Maybe I should cancel the FI course as I apparently don't measure up.

7th Oct 2009, 11:38
Thanks for your replies. I think we need to keep in mind, that to fly as PIC exercising the privileges of a license (PPL, CPL or ATPL), we need to have the medical that is appropriate for that level.

So class one for professional privileges, class two for Private (including PPL instructing).

But as a side, does any one know if PPL FI's find part time opportunities to instructor, as readily as the professionals?

Keep in mind, I mentioned part -time instruction, not full time with the long term goal of gaining a CPL then ATPL and being a jet pilot!