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1st Sep 2001, 02:11
Referring to the BA Demise thread I preferred getting a proper english breakfast, nice lunch or an evening meal, then on return a meal of the local culture. What is happening with this all day deli? If you fly a day return, will you get the same ham and cheddar sandwich and mullerice on the return journey as you did on the way?

"Ayline 221 airbourne"

1st Sep 2001, 04:51
Deli, you call that Deli?
Deli owners of the world, they are seriously defaming your good name. Ham and cheddar? ham...Struth. Bad marketing.
If it isn't a 3 inch high smoked meat sandwich from "Ben's", with Kosher Dills, decent coleslaw... there's another good one on St. Lawrence Street...and a couple more in New York City.
Airline food... take your own. Life is toooo short.

Chocks Wahay
3rd Sep 2001, 20:22
BA will dish you out a breakfast at breakfast time, and dinner at dinner time. AFAIK it's just the in-between times that you get the less-than-impressive All Day Deli packed lunch thing. Do you really want a full meal at 1530 anyway?

3rd Sep 2001, 20:29
...and at last, thanks to All Day Deli, a proper sized cup of tea on the aircraft.

3rd Sep 2001, 20:38
I recently flew SLF with BA LGW-EDI-LGW on a business trip. We were served cooked breakfast outbound, and the All-Day Deli inbound.

I personally thought it was fine (the sandwich wasn't cheese and ham but some kind of club thingy with chicken and bacon I seem to recall). Nothing spectacular, admittedly, but a perfectly reasonable light afternoon snack.

As an outsider (but a fairly frequent user) of Big Airways, I'm constantly surprised by all the whining on PPRuNe about seemingly anything and everything they do. I've never had a bad experience with them and hold them (and the staff that I've come into contact with) in high regard compared to some other carriers I have flown with. But then again, it seems we can't have anything successful in this country without bitching about it.

WxJx ;)

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