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22nd Sep 2009, 01:52
From 'WA Today News' This Morning.......

"Frustrated travellers to WA have even more reason to bemoan flight delays after the release of data showing Perth and Broome airports have the longest waiting times in Australia.

But on the flip-side, another - albeit much smaller - WA airstrip leads the nation on performance.

The Federal Government statistics showed just 67.1 per cent of domestic flights arrived in Perth on time in August, easily the worst statistics of any Australian airport.

It was a similar story in Broome, where just 69 per cent of flights left on time.

However, those choosing to visit the mining town of Newman have been much better served, with a whopping 97.5 per cent of flights departing on time - the best performance of any Australian airport.

But Newman's strong performance was overshadowed by figures that extend a run of misery for travellers at WA airports.

WAtoday.com.au recently reported that Perth was the worst state capital airport in the last financial year, while Broome was one of the slackest for departures."

The item continues on, nominating the local 'White Rat' as the most efficient ...
ONYA Bloggsy & Co....!!

"The only operator to significantly better the average, with 87.4 per cent of flights arriving on time, was regional carrier QantasLink...."

So, I guess the message is, if ya wanna get there on time, go to Newman...but...it sure is a W I D E Beach....
(Opthalmia Lake looks nice....) :}

Capt Claret
22nd Sep 2009, 02:32
Hey Griffo, those on-time figures are even better, given that with the advent of ACARS that familiar phrase, "on time, no call back", no longer works! :ok:

ps, did you FSO @ Dubbo in the early 90's?

22nd Sep 2009, 11:03
Had a great time in Broome waiting for my 2 hour delayed flight chatting to workers off a rig over a few drinks. Wouldn't have met them otherwise.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

Capn Bloggs
22nd Sep 2009, 11:20
Just leave it to us, boys, leave it to us! :ok: OTATT: On time, all the time! :}:D

The Opthalmia Beach:


23rd Sep 2009, 05:15

Not me 'Capt C'. Was FSO 'Trainee' there in latter part of '74, for a few weeks only, nice place, thence two yrs in SY FSC before getting out and coming to LUVLY WA.......

Whilst at Dubbo, we used to put the 6am weather and fcst for the day on the local radio for the 'locals' ....2DU Dubbo - The Voice of the Golden West'.....:}

After that we graduated to SY VOLMET, where we were assured it 'went 'round the world'....:yuk::yuk: Promotion??

I mean....wots it all about...??

Nice photo Capt B.....have dangled me toes in it....:ok::ok: