View Full Version : Joyce picks up 10 mill for 5 months work!

teresa green
21st Sep 2009, 05:00
Reported today on channel nine, that Alan Joyce has just picked up a cool 10 million for 5 months work. ,Admittedly he walked into a basket case of a airline, that had sustained huge damage in every possible way from the last CEO, but 10 MILLION!!?? what the fcuk! I thought the world had learnt a lesson in the last 12 months about overpaid CEO'S and their henchmen with their noses in the trough, whilst in QF'S case 1,700 people lost their jobs, engineering was in freefall, cabin services were absymal, morale simply did not exist, and the airline was neally lost to a bunch of capetbaggers, namely the Mac Bank, but to then turnaround and pay Joyce 2 mil a month to fix the whole box and dice up beggers belief. :ugh:

21st Sep 2009, 05:06
Either they reported it wrong or you heard it wrong Teresa. It was Dixon that picked up the $10 mill. There is a thread already running on the subject here (http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-reporting-points/389608-dixons-parting-obscenity.html) and here (http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-reporting-points/389606-where-qantas-blows-its-money.html).

21st Sep 2009, 05:06
Leprachauns (spelling!! but you know those little irish fairies), rainbows and pots of gold.

These days I suppose Q.A.N.T.A.S. is at the end of that rainbow.:eek:

Perhaps it would have been worth that much to see off Dixon.

:yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk: I hate furballs

teresa green
21st Sep 2009, 05:15
Keg you are correct (I must do something about some new glasses) but when you read the report, (correctly) it is still freckin crazy, especially when you consider the jobs lost, and the airline a basketcase, no wonder most people blow their tops at the madness of it all:{

21st Sep 2009, 05:34
So which do you all think would have been better value, wear the cost of $8 mill to protect the jobs of supposedly redundant pilots or give that scoundrel Dixon $10 mill for doing half a years "work" ? :mad: :mad: