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Capt Kremin
15th Sep 2009, 23:39
Not J* bashing here, but methinks Simon Westaway is, how do I say it?


Jetstar has apologised to 250 passengers forced to wait on board a plane at Bangkok for almost four hours overnight, while engineers changed a hydraulic pump.
Flight number JQF30 is expected to land at Melbourne at 1:00pm AEST. It left Bangkok overnight three hours and 40 minutes after its scheduled departure time, because the pilot realised a hydraulic pump needed changing.
Simon Westaway from Jetstar has apologised to everyone on board.
"Whilst we do apologise to our customers, refreshments were provided, updates were provided," he said.
He says passengers were not allowed to get off the plane for the period because that would have meant a longer delay.
Under the airline's rules, the pilot and the crew must have a mandatory break as soon as they disembark

Simon seems to be telling us here that it was impossible to get the passengers back up into the terminal without getting the crew off as well. Not only that but if the crew merely stepped off the aircraft then that would be a mandatory end to their duty period, forcing a rest break?!!?

Simon, you are telling porkies here.

I don't know what the real situation was, but it shows the state of journalism for a start when this BS is meekly regurgitated.

What it sounds like is that a rolling delay developed, where initially it was thought that the pump wouldn't take that long to replace and it would be better to keep the pax on board.

Fine, these things happen and engineering delays obey their own arcane laws of spacetime anyway; but don't feed us this obvious crap.:hmm:

Buster Hyman
16th Sep 2009, 01:05
They should be grateful that they didn't have time for a round of golf.....:hmm:

16th Sep 2009, 01:17
F*ck you Channel 10 and F*ck you Cameron Beau (the reporter) for choosing to report this event on the 11am news standing infront of a Qantas banner.

Where the hell do you get off!

16th Sep 2009, 01:24
This is what happens when you fly 2 pilot and not 3 pilot, duty time limits get them.Jetstar will learn one day.

stubby jumbo
16th Sep 2009, 01:39
.....what I don't get is:


The media reporting this in this country are pathetic! I'm always up to put the boot into JQ. But really ......WHO CARES ?????

Sure the punters on board are jacked off. But it happens every day to every airline -world wide.

Machines ( even brand new A330's :hmm:) aren't perfect. They break down......when is this news?

Oh -I get it -only if its linked back to QF.

Wake up you media toads-try getting out and researching a story rather than trawling through SMS messages and gossip websites for news.

Brace for impact when Today Tonight and a Current Affair give JQ their unique version of what ....."really and truly rooly rooly happnd..........yeah but , no but yeah but!" ( apologies Little Britain)

16th Sep 2009, 01:59
:bored:....meanwhile in Brisbane today thousand of commuters were late due to the inefficiencies of the network [hang-on, that's nearly every day!]

.:ugh:.............meanwhile in Sydney today thousands of commuters were late due to the inefficiencies of the rail network [hang-on, that's every day!]

The TV news bashing :ouch: of everything aviation does us ALL no good..

Jethro Gibbs
16th Sep 2009, 01:59
if i was sitting on a plane and dont care whos in bangkok heat i would want the hell off.

16th Sep 2009, 02:56
Buster Hyman..

Interesting comment, I'm not really sure what you mean...care to elaborate?

I'm sure everyone would be interested in your observations.

16th Sep 2009, 03:11
reeltime - what he meant was that he wanted to start a QF bashing thread where every tom dick and harry can regurgitate previous events/incidents completely and utterly unrelated to this so the thread can deteriorate into a penis measuring contest completely unrelated (did i mention that already?) to the thread topic/original post and therefore be shut down by a moderator very rapidly like they always are and you will have noticed i couldnt be bothered punctuating this post

16th Sep 2009, 04:12
Jetstar obviously have never heard of a ground airconditioning unit which could be attached to the aircraft.

The failure to send the SLF back into the terminal deserves a better answer.

On the other side of the argument some SLF clown was whinging about having to buy an extra meal due to the extended time in Jetstars clutches. You'd reckon if they wanted to whinge about something they could think up something realistic. The lack of airconditioning is whingeworthy.

Buster Hyman
16th Sep 2009, 04:37
I don't have to do anything special to create a "QF bashing thread", they evolve naturally.

Luckily, you're not overly sensitive or anything... :rolleyes:

stubby jumbo
16th Sep 2009, 04:38
top post blueloo:D:D

I actually laughed out loud when I read it.

Always a good sign.

By the way.......just heard some wombat on talkback radio who was on the BKK flight -demanding compensation !

Hop to it Simon......-50 STAR jumps in Martin Place in the nude.:eek:

16th Sep 2009, 05:56
· Passengers were updated every 20 minutes;
· FOC beverages were provided;
· Air conditioning was active;
· The aircraft was on a stand-off a significant distance from the terminal.
To de-board - bus - bus - re-board put the departure at risk. Crew hours were tight. Risk of flight cancel = not in anyone’s best interests...

clark y
16th Sep 2009, 05:56
I liked the bit in the article that says it was the pilot who realised the hydraulic pump needed to be changed!

16th Sep 2009, 06:06

I think you'll find that QF operate a number of flights on the 767 with a 2 pilot op....

I remember the SIN/DRW/CNS as one example....not that I agree with it but it's a sign of the times.

I'm sure that the airline would use a 1 pilot op if they could get away with it.

Capt Kremin
16th Sep 2009, 06:19
Thanks T-Vasis. Sounds like it was a standard eng delay properly handled.. which beggars the questions about the media, Westaway and silly passengers demanding compensation for a safety related delay.. :ugh:

Mstr Caution
16th Sep 2009, 06:25
I think the only "best interests", where the commercial interests of the airline involved.

Westaway was back peddling at full pace on live radio this morning, it'll be intersting if Hailes comes back with any sort of response!


16th Sep 2009, 06:39
A 3 1/2 hour delay. :hmm: really news worthy, top marks for the outstanding research journalism to all involved :ugh:... moving on, nothing to see here.

16th Sep 2009, 06:43
Updated Fairfax media report and pax interviews here (http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/jetstar-passengers-angry-after-shocking-tarmac-wait-20090916-fqbm.html?autostart=1)

Qantas 787
16th Sep 2009, 09:54
stubby jumbo is spot on. A 4 hour delay is not newsworthy - there have been many aircraft (not Australian carriers) who have had aircraft on the ground for days and had to cancel flights. No mention whatsoever in the media at all. I know I would prefer a few hours delay than it turning into 24 hours or worse.

I know the JQ bashers will love the news story but really, the media coverage of a non event is bad for the industry as a hole. It is a slap in a face to everyone who works in the industry, not only the airline involved.

Yes, Westaway didn't have his best day and probably all concerned will learn from the situation but it is seriously a slow news day.

16th Sep 2009, 10:03
The delay itself isn't newsworthy, the fact that the punters were kept on board supposedly with no/ little/ poor air con, being charged for drinks is what made this delay more newsworthy than most others.

Of course there is no mention of the 88 diverting into MNL yesterday due tech issue, nor of the 29 also diverting into MNL due a typhoon in HKG, and the subsequent delay to passengers getting home from both MNL and HKG. The main reason there is no mention of these subsequent issues in the media is probably because no one was kept on an aircraft with no/ little/ poor air con and also being charged for drinks. I'd look also too for a friend of a journo on the southbound JQ flight and no one who is a friend of a journo on the remainder of the affected services.

Had my own experience (as a passenger) of a two hour delay last night BNE-SYD. Interesting experience watching it occur from inside the cabin. Confirmed a few things in my own mind about how to deal with these types of things in the future.

Mstr Caution
17th Sep 2009, 01:05
The journo was ON the flight & reported the delay as it ocurred by mobile phone in BKK.

Then fronted the media again for a "grab" for the nightly news on arrival MEL.