View Full Version : Britannia And Cl44 Merger

13th Sep 2009, 16:18
This weekend (19-20 Sept) at Kemble, the Preservation Team of XM496 welcome its newest recruit. The results of this merger can be seen by all those who visit the Brit as the aft cabin will display the similarities-and differences between the Brit and the subsequent aircraft to emerge from the Canadair factory-the Yukon (CC106) and the swingtail version the CL44-D4, J and of course-the Guppy!
DO please pay us a visit

13th Sep 2009, 21:01
It was wonderful to be able to visit XM496 at Kemble earlier this year.
The Brits and Comets were part of the ever changing vista of arrivals and departures on the pan just below our Married Quarter at Changi.....heaven for an aircraft mad teenager in the early 60's.
I'd love to hear (and smell) a Brit starting up again.
Here's XM496 climbing away on another return trip to Blighty.

David Taylor.

Amos Keeto
19th Sep 2009, 09:06
How about including the Canadair Argus also? Same wings/tail and fuselage as the Brit. with only main differences being the nose, tail 'sting' and the piston engines.