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13th Sep 2009, 09:48
Australian Philip Kirsch grounded after 9/11 bomb prank

By Kay Dibben

The Sunday Mail (Qld)

A MAN on a September 11 flight from Brisbane to the US used the aircraft's in-flight chatroom to tell his fellow passengers "I have a bomb".

Philip Kirsch, 21, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court to a charge of making threats regarding aviation security after his "joke" onboard V Australia flight 007 to Los Angeles on Thursday.

Commonwealth prosecutor Sara Parga yesterday told the court that the flight captain took the threat very seriously particularly because it was the anniversary of the airliner-based terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2001.

The fact that Kirsch used V Australia's in-flight touch screen system, which allows passengers to chat with each other in a web chatroom, could have created panic, Ms Parga said.

Several other people on the flight to Los Angeles were using the chatroom. Two logged off and one passenger alerted a crew member.

The captain had "grave concerns" for the passengers and crew and wanted Kirsch, who was in seat 28C, immediately removed from the aircraft.

When police boarded the plane, Kirsch, an apprentice electrician from Melbourne, admitted he had sent the text message "I have a bomb" but said it was intended as a joke.

For the next 91 minutes the flight was grounded for a thorough search of the plane and Kirsch's luggage. The delay cost V Australia $21,143.

Ms Parga told the court that the airline had now put Kirsch, who pleaded guilty to making threats regarding aviation security, on a banned passenger list for life.

Kirsch, who was kept in custody overnight on Friday, had been flying to Los Angeles to meet his girlfriend and then for a three-month South American holiday.

A defence solicitor told the court Kirsch's joke was misplaced and foolish and he felt terrible and remorseful.

Magistrate Alan Taylor said Kirsch's behavior was "ill-considered, childish in the extreme and was no doubt motivated by factors other than common sense".

"I suspect you now understand plainly the gravity of the offence," Mr Taylor said.

He said there could have been up to 100 people on the aircraft. However, he said Kirsch had not followed it up with any physical threats.

"That it was committed by a youngish person, in no doubt exuberant circumstances, diminishes the overall seriousness of the offence," he said.

He took into account Kirsch's plea of guilty, age and lack of previous convictions and placed him on a two-year good behavior bond, with no conviction recorded.

Mr Taylor ordered Kirsch to pay $1500 restitution to V Australia within nine months.

13th Sep 2009, 13:07
Can anyone not see the fact that the bottom feeding bogans of the world will continue to dominate society because our legal system does not punish them with anything but a slap on the wrist.

He is probably one of those guys that likes watching K Sandilands as well which has kept him on air for so long.

If he had done it ex. LA I wonder how he would have been handled there?

13th Sep 2009, 15:06
And as an aside to the idiot.

could have been up to 100 people on the aircraft

Not such a great LF for a 777-300ER I would have thought.

Capt Claret
13th Sep 2009, 22:51
He's a lucky chappie to get away with no conviction. Given his age, it's to be somewhat expected that he'll do stupid things, most of us did.

I think full restitution to Virgin would have made a significant impact on him and caused him to grow up quite quickly.

14th Sep 2009, 00:44
He should be made to pay the full $21,143. Why should the airline have to cover the cost for his stupidity?

As for up to 100 people on the aircraft!! Flights have been full, full and full in most cabins recently. We even got an email re: staff travel and the possibilty of offloading. As usual the journos haven't got a clue. Maybe it was a reference to 100 people in the online chatroom?

14th Sep 2009, 01:19
... I can't see the Oz plod and courts as being quite so understanding if he'd been inbound to Ozmate.

I suppose it begs the question: with a lifetime ban, how's he going to get back? (As if we need him.) I suppose he'll have cough up the cash for a QF ticket - or if they won't have him, a berth on a tramp steamer.

14th Sep 2009, 04:04
I thought V and the Q shared their little black books? Once on one you end up on both...

14th Sep 2009, 05:30
I agree with Clarrie and somewhereat1, he should be court ordered to pay back the full amount to VA, the 21K+.

That will ensure he learns his lesson for this incredible stupidity.:mad::mad::ugh:

In the USA at all security cx points it clearly states making any security related/bomb jokes is an offence and will be treated as such.
Doing so in flight would probably have caused the flight to return asap and he would have been arrested and charged. The damages/loss bill would have then been a lot higher to say the least.

Its the Pleats
14th Sep 2009, 07:03
What a pile of crap! Lock him up, he must be so stupid... Please...

What is stupid is the paranoid attitude we all have now and it seems so normal to us. $21K?!? If somebody just questioned him for 2 seconds they would have realised that he was joking. We are all so scared of being 'responsible'. "he said he had a bomb on board and you did nothing?!?"

Alright, he should know that the world is now paranoid and not say things like that, but seriously, a 21k arse covering exercise that every sensible person knows is a waste of time is laughable.

Of course I want a secure workplace/life but haven't we all had enough of over the top foolishness like this?

14th Sep 2009, 08:34
Hear Hear!:ok:

14th Sep 2009, 08:42
sigh........yet again proving that God knew what he was doing in inventing buses, trains and ships for wankers like this.

(That said, why would you want an open 'chatroom' on your a/c IFE anyway............ the concept itself appears to invite the wombat mentality to do their best.)

I hope that all CC note his name accordingly for future reference.


14th Sep 2009, 14:53
If somebody just questioned him for 2 seconds they would have realised that he was joking.

Not a very funny joke.

If a company doesnt remove 'jokers' like this then they risk losing the other 359 'unfunny' pax onboard.


15th Sep 2009, 09:50
Kirsch, who was kept in custody overnight on Friday, had been flying to Los Angeles to meet his girlfriend and then for a three-month South American holiday.

bet she was thrilled when he called...

I don't think I was ever stupid enough, even at 21, to joke about things like this. He should be banned for being a threat to himself, if nothing else.

Can't wait to see his travel insurance claim for cancellation!