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11th Sep 2009, 08:10
I asked this question on another forum and it remained unanswered. Can anyone please help?

On 21 June 1947, Spitfire XVI, TE460 of the CFS was involved in a CAT Ac flying accident. I am unsure it was deemed as economic to repair the aircraft and it was eventually SOC in September 1948. Can anyone please provide me with the details of this accident.:)

11th Sep 2009, 15:25
The aircraft arrived at CFS on 11 Apr 47 and remained until 21 Apr 48. There is no record of an accident in either the Little Rissington book - imaginatively called "RAF Little Rissington" - or the catalogue of RAF write-offs for the period; "Final Landings". If it was involved in an accident, it certainly wasn't written off as a consequence and with a plethora of Spitfire LF16s about, it would have been dumped for anything other than fairly superficial damage.

If you ask DORIS at the RAF Museum (0208 205 2266) very nicely, they might look at the accident cards for the period and see if there's one for this aircraft.

Brian Abraham
12th Sep 2009, 01:26
The limited detail I have.

9MU 18-6-45 CFS 11-4-47 FAAC 21-6 ROS recat E 14-9-48

Sorry it doesn't answer your question though. I see you say it was cat Ac (Repair is beyond the unit capacity, but can be repaired on site by another unit or a contractor), seems it was later declared cat E (write off). Be interesting to hear what happened.

ROS Repair On Site Parties (Came under the control of MU's)
MU Maintenance Unit
FAAC Flying Accident, damage category Ac
CFS Central Flying School
recat E Write Off