View Full Version : PPL(FE) SPA class ratings

10th Sep 2009, 15:29
Quick question (hopefully) - CAA stds doc 21 about Examiner authorisation says that examiners can test 'for the Type/Class on which he has been tested'. I'm trying to work towards PPL(FE) and hoping to do FE work in SEP and TMG classes (of which I have both on my licence)- would I have to be tested in both classes or could I do the training/test on SEP and as TMG is another SPA class, that TMG would be authorised as well without further test in a TMG? Anybody done this before?

14th Sep 2009, 07:09
In the case of SEP/TMG as the two classes are interchangeable then you should get both based on the single test flight. If you wanted to add say a Piper Caravan Class then you might find that they would want another test; I have seen someone try to do this and it was regarded as a back door to becoming a CRE!