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10th Sep 2009, 07:59
"Maintain course and speed" - Captain Edward Smith 1912
"The Third Reich will last 1,000 years" - Adolf Hitler 1933
"What the **** was that?" - Emperor Showa Hirohito 1945
"You take her out, I'm going for a kip" - Captain Joseph Hazelwood 1989
"We'll just run them out of money" - David Turnbull 2002
"This will never get to court" - Captain Murray Gardner 2004

On the 5th of October CX will be in court to answer for their actions on and after the 9th of July 2001.

Many said it wouldn't happen, it would seem they were wrong.....

Maximum attendance would be appreciated.

10th Sep 2009, 08:14
" Pack of chunts !! " Kim Craig ( and most of KA ) 2002-2009

10th Sep 2009, 13:14
Here's another one:

"This is the best deal we can get for them." - Captain Murray Gardner 2004

10th Sep 2009, 13:28
"we need to pay management bonuses to attract and keep talent"

Quote the very talented T. T.

Captain TOGA
10th Sep 2009, 14:36
Clarkson: What the hells accent is that?

Studio guest: I'm American

Clarkson: You can't be, you're nowhere near fat enough!Quote from Jeremy Clarkson from "Top Gear"

Regular Sex will make your day, but Anal sex will make your whole week. (hole weak)

Quote from unknown male flight attendant

10th Sep 2009, 15:21

"This is the best deal we can get for them." - Captain Murray Gardner 2004


"This is the best deal I can get for myself by using them." - Captain Murray Gardner 2004