View Full Version : CAA turnaround time for FI(restricted) ratings

3rd Sep 2009, 20:28
Hi folk's,

Has anyone submitted an application lately for their FI rating. Just wondering how long Gatwick is taking to process and issue the paperwork??

3rd Sep 2009, 20:32
Usually a letter from a flying school saying you have a job and need the rating ASAP makes for a very speedy turnaround!

Good luck

3rd Sep 2009, 20:42
Cheers mate.

Oh and hope yoor finally getting some work after the OPC!:)

3rd Sep 2009, 21:01
I had a letter and was turned around in 4 hours

Captain Stravaigin
8th Sep 2009, 10:02
About 40 (working days) including CPL. Numerous phone calls, crap service, lost e-mails (they said), holidays, sick leave.

Incompentence Rules.

If they were a Private Company I would never use them ever again.

30th Sep 2009, 22:41
Ah, the pain and suffering of going into the big glass building and turning right. :ugh:

If you have everything in order (and I mean perrrrfect order). It should only take a few hours.

My CPL/IR took quite a bit longer. That was done by post and took about a month if I remember right.

1st Oct 2009, 20:49
I went today (1st October) to get my restricted Instructor Rating added to my CPL. For the time being they have lifted the requirement for a letter from an employer for the same day service. They do specify that you must arrive before midday if you want it though. I arrived at 11.00 and was finished by 12.45

It's always worth a call before you go to check the latest though.