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3rd Sep 2009, 18:32
Thanks to somebody over on the Flypast forum for spotting this:

Croydon Closure 50th Anniversary flypast (http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/latestnews/Fly-past-mark-50th-anniversary-Croydon-Airport/article-1308837-detail/article.html)

Hope it's a nice day...

4th Sep 2009, 04:57
See ya there for a few jugs Treadders:ok:

4th Sep 2009, 06:27
Now how did I know you'd say that!

4th Sep 2009, 13:29
Nice of them to remember my Mum's birthday, but 2 years early for what would have been her "century"!

4th Sep 2009, 13:51
Predictable ME?:E

I'll give ya a bell next week TTFN

4th Sep 2009, 14:27
Brings back memories of peering out of the classroom window at the landers, No wonder I did so badly at school!

24th Sep 2009, 18:55
Anyone any idea of what's likely to be flying past? A straight fly past or a circuit or two?

24th Sep 2009, 19:05
I can't find anything on the Croydon Airport web site, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

Would like to know what time to fly-past is due to start as I have over an hour's drive to get there.

MAny thanks.

24th Sep 2009, 19:36
According to the local rag it's at 3pm.

27th Sep 2009, 06:28
I'm meeting MerlinXX in the Gipsy Moth (pub on the eastern side of Purley Way opposite TGI Fridays and the Airport terminal) at about 1:30pm. Not sure where the best place to view the flypast will be, perhaps around the war memorial? Or outside the terminal?

27th Sep 2009, 16:12
Great fly-past.... couldn't believed how developed the surrounding has become - it's 50 years since I was last there. Lots of people there too so there's still a lot of interest in the place. G-AOXL could sure use a drop of paint though...

27th Sep 2009, 17:20
Spent a happy couple of hours outside the Gipsy Moth with MerlinXX and my colleague Richard (who, when he isn't just being charmingly Scottish, designs the sort of pavements you airline types like to arrive and depart from, taxi around and park on).

Great formation flypast by the Tiger Club and friends - five Stampes, G-SVIV, G-BPLM, G-AWEF, G-AYIJ and G-OODE; three Tigers, G-ACDC, G-ADGT and G-AMTF, Jodel D150 G-AVEF, and Turbulators 'RBZ and 'RGZ.

At the very least 'CDC, 'RBZ and 'RGZ share a common Croydon heritage...

We were later treated to a pass from a red Proctor and I'll hazard a guess that it was Cobby Moore in G-ALJF, which also used to live at Croydon.

You are right about the Heron, HD, looking very tatty...


27th Sep 2009, 17:31
Bloody hell, y'all back faster than I did:{ OK I had to go up hill:*

27th Sep 2009, 17:51
Nice one Treaders:ok: Where was EGLL Director:confused:

27th Sep 2009, 18:14
I was in the "yard" at the back outside the tower with my wife three million other people....

We were amazed to discover that we had only seen three of the aircraft before. In particular, GARGZ at Farnborough in 1961 and GARBZ at Fairoaks in 1962!

27th Sep 2009, 20:44
A couple of shots from todays Flypast. There was a good turn out despite the lack of publicity, its a shame that the local council don't seem that interested in Croydons aeronauctical heritage.




28th Sep 2009, 10:35
Excellent shots Batchy very evocative against terminal block:ok:

28th Sep 2009, 13:09
What a noise that must have been! Anyone got a sound track? Nice effort all.

28th Sep 2009, 14:08
They did sound great. Remarkably the Turbulents' VWs could be heard quite clearly over the eight Gipsy Majors and the Jodel's Continental.

Incidently, I can't think that I've ever seen or heard of five Stampes in a formation in the UK before... anybody know if that many have ever been so gathered?

Great to see 'CDC and 'WEF again after so long; they often used to fly over my head when the Tiger Club was still at Redhill.

I'd been up at Shuttleworth the evening before for a superb sunset display culminating with the Edwardians and hops by the Deperdussin and Bleriot. I think my jeans are still lightly perfumed with oil from the Hawker Tomtit's smokey start up!

A wonderful weekend!

28th Sep 2009, 16:29
I totally forgot about this. Great shots Batchy, thanks for posting.

29th Sep 2009, 17:31
I spoke with them prior to the event and we stopped gliding for them so they could over Kenley on their way into Croydon and at that stage the formation was still nice and tight!

You are right they did sound good!