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Cat O' Nine Tails
22nd Feb 2002, 04:45
a rather large ryanair passenger was advised when purchasing his ticket two buy two seats which he duely did. Sadly though when checking in, he was given two aisle seats! Hehehe :) :)

22nd Feb 2002, 05:24
At least he didn't get the two window seats!!!


22nd Feb 2002, 06:15
Think you might find it was Aer Lingus.

22nd Feb 2002, 06:21
Yes, it was Air Lingus,. .A 350-pound (156 kg) rugby football fan who booked two plane seats for comfort on his way back from Cork in Ireland to London Heathrow after watching Wales play Ireland found he had been allocated seats on opposite sides of the aisle.

Les Price, of Llanhilleth, Gwent, flew with 12 friends on Aer Lingus to watch the game. On the way there he had been unable to book an extra seat and squeezed into a single one.

But on the way back he paid double for a pair of seats, according to the Sun newspaper. The 32-year-old truck driver said: "It was crazy. I know I'm big, but I'm not that big."

Mr Price used just one seat and Aer Lingus offered him a refund on the unused seat.

A spokesman for the airline said: "He was listed as two separate people on the booking. There was nothing to say the seats had to be together.". .(from Airwise)

22nd Feb 2002, 06:40
Yes, it was Aer Lingus, [email protected]. .The seats were actually 18F and 19C, so not precisely across the aisle as one was a window seat!. .18F pax name was PRICE/L. .19C pax name was PRICE/EXST

22nd Feb 2002, 13:35
Good to know that privileged information from the booking system is being kept confidential.

22nd Feb 2002, 21:06
M.Mouse. .>>>Good to know that privileged information from the booking system is being kept confidential.<<<

What a stupid comment!

The information was provided by the passenger to the Sun newspaper. His boarding cards were shown in yesterday's paper! That is where I saw them - and used the actual and positive info to back up my comments.

Perhaps others could follow that example before making inane postings!

23rd Feb 2002, 00:24
I was intrigued by a footnote on the BBC Ceefax report, to the effect that EI denied having a 'large passenger policy'.

I'd have thought that having such a policy would make perfect sense, for the comfort of larger pax and the safety of everyone. How do other airlines handle this, I wonder...?

23rd Feb 2002, 01:57
Didnt see the article myself, but did the Pax actually request two seats together at check-in, or did he think the staff had mind-reading skills.. .After all he was in a group of twelve! Maybe there were no 2 seats together? Were they among the last Pax to check-in? Why did he wait util he was on the aircraft before saying anything? (It's not too difficult to figure out that "F" and "C" seats are not beside each other. <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

23rd Feb 2002, 03:13
Any airline that flies to America SHOULD have a "large passenger policy"

23rd Feb 2002, 09:28
Trust me, most US airlines do not have such a policy to the detriment to all of the other customers. Long ago I just grimaced and suffered but no more - if I'm paying 2400 US for a seat I will have the entire seat to myself and sorry if I embarrass the fat person - I wont stand for being squished in my seat

23rd Feb 2002, 12:14
Well said Biz SLF. When will these fatties learn to be more considerate to the normal sized person getting squashed in the seat next to them!

Buy 2 seats or STOP EATING!!! :)

23rd Feb 2002, 17:40
What is wrong with this picture? I don't know the aircraft layout, but with a seat F, it is likely 3 and 3. Are we supposed to believe the poor passenger in the middle seat next to the large peson would refuse to switch to the open seat to accomodate? Siting next to a large passenger has to be less than comfortable for both parties involved. I would be surprised at anyone who insisted on occupying the seat with the large man spilling over in to it when a more comfortable alternative exists. I know I would be relieved to have the option of moving.

23rd Feb 2002, 22:31
It should have been fairly obvious it wasn't Ryanair as they don't allocate seats at check-in, it's all free seating.

23rd Feb 2002, 23:13
I am on the hefty side, and the great thing about low-cost is that 3 seats between two of us is still heaps cheaper than two kiddy sized seats on full-service airlines. I haven't done it yet, but I will soon.

24th Feb 2002, 00:06
The original news report said that the pax had actually purchased two seats - and later received a refund for one due to the cock-up!

I seem to remember that in FCOs, any passenger buying two seats in Y should be allocated the window seat, leaving the middle on empty. Makes sense! I believe the a/c was an A319/320.

A photo of the two Boarding Cards was in the newspaper report.