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31st Aug 2009, 18:21
1) Why are VX770 threads closed as soon as they are opened?

2) Can anyone point me towards the Farnborough accident investigation report which is often quoted but is never identified?

It was published 18 months after the accident as RAE Accident Note STRUCT 307.

It isn't with the BoI report at TNA, or anywhere else at TNA that I can find. Hendon deny all knowledge of it, and the RAE archive say they haven't got it.

Anyone out there know where I can find a copy?


31st Aug 2009, 19:08
Hi Sooty,

I've asked a chum who is an aviation historian if he has any clues. If he comes up with anything, I'll PM you.

Captain Airclues
31st Aug 2009, 19:39

Some info on this thread;



31st Aug 2009, 20:24
Some info on this thread;

http://www.pprune.org/military-aircr...on-1958-a.html (http://www.pprune.org/military-aircrew/258581-keith-sturt-vulcan-accident-syerston-1958-a.html)

Read that one, and most of the sub-references, but all shades of opinion are stated as fact with no attribution. :*

I would prefer to get it "from the horse's mouth", especially as many of the descriptions of the final manoeuvre don't match my interpretation of the videos I have seen.


PPRuNe Pop
31st Aug 2009, 21:09
These are repetetive questions that have been covered before. Do a search, the archives are very full.

THAT....is why they are closed.

Tim McLelland
31st Aug 2009, 22:29
As stated in the previous post, the subject has been covered quite a few times before. There's no mystery surrounding the story and as I said in the other thread which has been locked, the story was told to me very clearly by a former member of the Avro design team who participated in many of the test flights, so I guess that's a close to the proverbial "horse's mouth" as you're likely to get. As I also mentioned, the confusion only seems to have come from Blackman's comments in his book which are slightly misleading, given that they are at odds with the investigation findings.

1st Sep 2009, 05:45
All sooty655 is asking for is how to get hold of the actual Accident Report - he is not trying to re-open general PPRuNe discussion about the accident.

So if anyone can tell him, please do so.

2nd Sep 2009, 16:34
See VX770 (http://www.john-dillon.co.uk/V-Force/vx770.html)

it tells you were the report is held and the file ref

So on to the kew link on request this you can order a paper copy or request to read the file, see

Detecting your browser settings (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?CATID=360489&CATLN=6&accessmethod=5)

2nd Sep 2009, 21:08
See VX770 (http://www.john-dillon.co.uk/V-Force/vx770.html)

it tells you were the report is held and the file ref

So on to the kew link on request this you can order a paper copy or request to read the file

Sorry, NutLoose, but that refers to the BoI report which I have read (several times) at The National Archive.

I am looking for the RAE report, published 18 months later, which many refer to, often differently, but which seems to have disappeared.