View Full Version : Vulcan visiting Birmingham,Alabama, circa 1965

29th Aug 2009, 16:44
I am looking for information for my Dad (John Gear)who worked at Hayes aircraft corp in Birmingham, Alabama in the mid 60's and is writing his memoirs of that period. He got involved in looking after the Vulcan's crew as the resident Brit at the company. He cant remember what the Sqn was or the names of the crew involved, but as I understand it they were well entertained for at least a week whilst the vulcan was being fitted out with kit.

It was unusual for a Vulcan to be visiting, and caused quite a stir when it took off and went straight up (well almost to a 10year old boy) unlike the B-52 of the time.

He would like to know who was on the crew and what Sqn it was, and when they were actually there, but any info would suffice

I know it is a long shot but any information would be greatly recieved