View Full Version : SFI Recording of Flight Time

29th Aug 2009, 12:31
May someone enlighten me as to the correct recording of Flight Time as an SFI on Full Flight Simulator (Level D)
A JAA log book has Section 11 for Flight Simulator- some SFI's are logging time as PIC?!
I believe that I may only log as Flight Instructor and Section 11?

Any definitive?

29th Aug 2009, 19:30
It doesn't matter because, no matter how you record it, time spent instructing in a FSTD cannot be counted towards the experience requirements for the issue of any licence or rating. It is not 'flight time', which is defined in JAR-FCL 1 and 2 in relation to aircraft and not to FSTDs. I suggest you record it the same way as you do time spent sat down the back sipping a G&T - it is of equal value.

29th Aug 2009, 20:12
Could I suggest you read you company Operations Manual which should state how "duty time" is recorded. Apart from not exceeding approved working hours the time is no value for anything else as stated by BillieBob.