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28th Aug 2009, 02:32
Hey everyone,

I am almost done with my CFI training and after that I am going to try to get a VISA to work as an Instructor in the US.

But the other day I came up with this question. Since a friend of mine is coming to visit next month, he asked me if I would be able to give him the HIGH PERFORMANCE endorsement.

So yeah, I know that I am under a Student VISA now, so I am not sure if I would be able to give him the endorsement. If I would charge him money, I would be going against the LAW, but I am no going to charge him, because he is a close friend of mine. Is that illegal? Just give flight instruction without charging money?

I hope someone can share thoughts :D

thanks and happy landings :)

29th Aug 2009, 03:53
I don t see anything against as long as you don t get paid.

29th Aug 2009, 11:35
As long as you've got a high-perf endorsement yourself, then yes, you should be able to. As long as you aren't violating your student visa (which I don't think you are, especially if you're not getting paid, or "holding out"), the only other problem may be finding an airplane to use... most flight schools don't like instruction carried out in their aircraft by people not working for that company.

How do you intend on getting a work visa? I think you may have trouble with this aspect, and even if successful, it could take 3+ years. Hopefully you've already looked into the visa side of things, and are well versed on the US immigration system??! I hope so, as you may be in for a shock. :eek:

1st Sep 2009, 11:13
If you don't get caught, it ain't illegal :ok:

1st Sep 2009, 23:23
thanx I appreciate your answers :ok: