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24th Aug 2009, 10:28
Just a quickie, what would I have to do If I wanted to Instruct in say, the USA or Canada? Is it possibly to convert my current licences?! Its just a thought...

24th Aug 2009, 15:31
With due respect, IMHO this is not the best time to get into the North American market due to the recession. I am in (almost) daily contact with the situation at several FTOs spread throughout that continent and I tell you the situation there for instructors is bad, bad, bad - most are not moving on, so few vacancies are opening up. Sorry, as that doesn't answer your question.

I wish you luck. We all need it.:sad:

24th Aug 2009, 18:19
its ok, I am not necessarily thinking about going out there, I just had a curious thought, a bit of a 'whatif'!

26th Aug 2009, 02:12
your age says 28, so not too late for one year work visa to Canada, as sort of WHV - presuming you have UK or Irish passport.

Though you have to do the theory and no idea about doing the FI course again or some dispensation. Also, the FI in Canada may need more hours to be able to instruct, a la Australia. I'd go there on tourist visa, do the conversions and then maybe, very maybe having luck sorting job offer and kick-starting the 1 year open work visa.

As for the US, yeah, you could score a job after all the CPL checkride, CFI training, but that is, if you're legal to work there. That's more important then licences.

Some Middle-Eastern countries may need PPL instructors, I saw some adverts/posts on this issue in the past (this website). If you fancy that, look into it.

Big Pistons Forever
26th Aug 2009, 17:13
There is currently an over supply of inexperienced instructors in Canada. Even if you could arrange right to work approvals you would find it hard to find a job.