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22nd Aug 2009, 09:29
Dear all,

Issue 7 of the FI restriction form has 3 criteria to unrestrict a FI.

1 100 hours instruction
2 25 sign off of student solo flights
3 25 sign off of solo exercies

What is the difference between a ' Student Solo Flight ' and a ' Solo exercise ' ............ ?

Surely it does mean that our 25 sign off must be for 25 different exercies ? There aren't 25 exercises in the PPL ? ? ? !!

Is this a change from the usual 25 straight forward sign offs that were previously required ?

Please help!


22nd Aug 2009, 15:34
-ve, no change as far as I know.

Last one we submitted was on this form. What they are trying to ensure is that you have a fair spread of exercises under your belt and that you haven't just sent 25 exercise 12/13's. This is, naturally, annotated in your logbook rather than on the form.



22nd Aug 2009, 18:23
Don't think it is anything to do with spread of exercises. I think it is a legacy hangover that fixed wing was solo flights and helicopter was solo exercises. If you look at the bits about restricted priveleges in LASORS it uses this terminology.

22nd Aug 2009, 20:06
The rules changed in 2007 for Helicopter FIs from 25 solo flights to 25 solo exercises. In simple there are more "exercises" in the helicopter syllabus so it was deemed that more than one helicopter exercise could be briefed and conducted on the same flight. If you are an aeroplane FI it is still solo flights!

One form now fits all.

23rd Aug 2009, 20:59
Do you record solo send off`s in your log book as you are not P1?

24th Aug 2009, 07:02
I'm sure you can if you want to, though obviously without any hours. However the document you need them on is this (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/SRG1133FF.pdf) one.

Whopity, not that it matters much, but are you sure that was the rationale ? I thought it was because the the helicopter examining hierarchy considered the judgement of weather for a RW student solo to be more relaxed for helicopters than fixed wing, and so they loosened the requirements.

24th Aug 2009, 07:02
Personally I do log the flights, I fill in the info but in the flight time boxes I put a line all the way through. It just helps me keep a record of everything in addition to the training records. The only problem is that I go through logbooks very quickly and now need a truck to send them to the CAA when they require all of them for some reason!

24th Aug 2009, 08:59
but are you sure that was the rationale ?
Probably simplified, but whatever the rationale, it appeared as AL 6 to JAR-FCL2 and was implemented early by AIC 72/2007 The average aeroplane instructor would not reasonably be expected to know that.
JAR–FCL 2.320B FI(H) – Restricted
(See JAR-FCL 2.320C(d))
(a) Restricted period. Until the holder of a
FI(H) rating has conducted at least 100 hours
flight instruction in helicopters and, in addition has
supervised at least 25 student solo flight air
exercises, the privileges of the rating are
restricted. The restriction will be removed from the
rating when the above requirements have been
met and on the recommendation of the
supervising FI(H).

28th Aug 2009, 09:00
Thanks Puntosaurus, I have been entering them in this form. Thought i`d cocked up for minute not logging them in the log book.
Thanks again