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21st Aug 2009, 12:15
After years of abuse my old FI Carrycase has finally had its day. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to buy? im looking for something thats not too large but big enough to fit headset, pens, maps, etc etc the usual FI Gear.

Thanks in advance!!

21st Aug 2009, 13:10
you can get a lovely pierre cardin one from argos for twenty quid thats suits the bill , its exactly the same as the one that if it had transair on it would cost you a hundred

21st Aug 2009, 14:16
Credit crunch my arse! It's 25 these days, but GDF's right:
Buy Pierre Cardin Soft Pilot Case - Black. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for . (http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2858542/Trail/searchtext%3EPILOT+CASE.htm)

21st Aug 2009, 15:29
I use the Jeppesen Aviator bag, it's not too big and has enough pockets for everything, to be honest I don't really take it in the aircraft unless I'm going on longer trips. For local flights I just take my kneeboard and headset.

21st Aug 2009, 18:16
Tesco's carrier bag. Sorted:ok:

22nd Aug 2009, 09:25
Tesco carrier bag? This is supposed to be a website for professionals. :eek:

For aviation use insist on Aldi, they're stronger. ;)

25th Aug 2009, 19:09
Certainly a carrier bag is less likely to attract attention if left in car.

25th Aug 2009, 19:21
TK MAXX. It rocks!