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Black Knat
21st Aug 2009, 06:55
I am an experienced instructor but haven't done much in the last few years. I have just re-validated my rating but am a bit 'rusty' regarding much of the PPL syllubus. I would like to purchase a manual that has all the lessons in it along with a break down of what (and to a limited extent how) each lesson is conducted. I see there are a number of publications and would be grateful for any recommendations/feed back regarding the best for my need.
Many thanks,

21st Aug 2009, 07:35
A lesser known manual, but undoubtedly the best, and held by all CAA Staff Examiners:ONTRACK AVIATION LIMITED (http://www.ontrackaviation.com/book.htm)

21st Aug 2009, 19:49
Hi BK,

The US, Australian and (I think) New Zealand instructors'/pilots' flight manuals are free and available to download from the FAA, CASA and NZ CAA websites.

Needless to say, our own dear CAA doesn't do anything so useful. If they did, no doubt it would cost a King's ransom, like everything else they supply.



22nd Aug 2009, 06:39
our own dear CAA doesn't do anything so usefulIts not their job to produce Training Material!

CASA produce a Manual http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/aoc/training/guides/fim.pdf but this is more What to do (A Syllabus) rather than How to Do it (An Instructor Manual)

Black Knat
22nd Aug 2009, 15:18
Many thanks for the recommendation-the On-Track Aviation manual looks very good so I'll buy one.