View Full Version : FI Seminar running somewhere soon-ish ?

The Nr Fairy
19th Aug 2009, 09:16

Need to do a helicopter FI seminar, although a fixed-wing one would do at a pinch. Can't manage the Ontrack one in October as a work-related event clashes.

Anyone know of any other organisation which runs seminars ?

19th Aug 2009, 09:35
AOPA November https://web172.secure-secure.co.uk/aopa.co.uk/scripts/seminars.php or look at another JAA State.

19th Aug 2009, 15:02
There was a company in Ireland who was willing to do adhoc courses. Either you get to them or if you get a big enough group together they will come to you.

Personally I can recommend the ontrack one. Informative constructive and had some interesting outside speakers.

The AOPA course after speaking to people who have done it has the potential of ramming a pen up your nose to end it all by the first coffee break. And the nicest thing I heard was it was a tick in the box.

19th Aug 2009, 21:23
mad jock, well said! The sooner we get rid of these seminars the the better. Perhaps we should demand they are called 'ovulars' instead!

19th Aug 2009, 22:01
I found the ontrack one useful.

Its just the whole ball ache of trying to get to one as well. I tried for 2 years to get to one and could never get the time off.

In the future it will definately be experence plus flight test.