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18th Aug 2009, 02:56
Just wondering what software or systems are "out there" for tracking student progress. We are looking for a system that would allow us to track up to 100 students at a time, via the web preferably.

18th Aug 2009, 03:24
Until I got to the comment "via the web preferably" I was considering 100 sheets of paper and a well inked pen.

A tried and tested method of student record keeping - even by flightschools of the highest reputation.

After the comment, however, I thought of Microsoft Excel (100 pages of it) or the equivalent free versions available on the same web of which you speak.


Student records need nothing fancy.

18th Aug 2009, 07:36
I have seen numerous computerised record keeping systems, most have been built for a purpose and then get adapted for a different environment i.e. Military/Civil. With one exception all have failed to do the job as well as pen and paper. They are more time consuming to fill in and result in very poor quality records. The one exception was a Microlight school where the owner had written his own software and was conscientious about filling it in. Exactly the same result could be achieved in the traditional way with less effort.

23rd Aug 2009, 15:56
Considering you still need some form of hard copy file or folder for the student, containing copies of medicals, completed in-house exams, exam results, correspondence and and the various other bits that seem to accrue - why bother?

Use a PC to design a form with tick & date boxes for each item to be completed in the syllabus as well as all the other prerequisists that must done to meet the rules , some system of grading each lesson and room for hand written comments. Stick the lot in a manilla folder along with a contacts page. Much easier to use *and* portable without being tied to a machine when you need it.

1st Sep 2009, 20:01
Have a look at Hosted by Coastline Computer Consultancy (http://www.planebooking.flyer.co.uk/)

jez d
15th Sep 2009, 16:25
There's a flying school software package produced by CAVOK Ltd, which we used at my old school.

I'm sure they'd sell you a standalone student record module. QuDieM Flying School Software and Flight Computers - Home page (http://www.qudiem.com/)

Regards, jez