View Full Version : how to become a JAA CRI on the C525 series

pilot dude
13th Aug 2009, 18:20
I want to get a JAA CRI on the C525 series, who knows how to do this? is there a course i could do?

14th Aug 2009, 11:53
It is highly unlikely that any FIC instructor is qualified on the C525 therefore you will need to do a CRI Course at an approved FTO on another class or type of aeroplane. Once qualified as a CRI, you can add another Class or Type in accordance with JAR-FCL 1.310a.

23rd Aug 2009, 16:41
Of course it works without the way described above, done it recently for the Beech 1900. You`ve to attend a course at an approved FTO for obtaining a CRI, this could be e.g. for a MEP . Herein only the psychological aspects of teaching and learning will be brought to you. It last`s 25 hours, prescribed by JAR-FCL. It will be examined orally by an Examiner of your lic. auth. Thereafter you`ll have to look for a TRTO who gots an approval for courses for the CRI of the specific type, in your case the 525 (a,b). At that TRTO you`ll have to accomplish 5 hours of flight training, preferably in a FS (must be level C or better, no FNPT or similar) from the CM2 Pos. The Tasks to be performed are laid down in the AMC`s of FCL (Section 2). After this training a checkride will take place with an Examiner qualified therefore, must be CRE and FIE together, shouldn`t be a task to find one for the 525! Afterwards all Paperwork to your licensing authority and basta:ok:.

Best wishes bestglide!