View Full Version : Any good Yokes for IMC Sim training?

hugh flung_dung
5th Aug 2009, 18:46
Can anyone recommend a yoke that has a good enough "feel" to use for IMC training?

The CH flight-stick pro is reasonable but studes seem to prefer a yoke and the CH yoke feels like a toy. Are the Elite "flight consoles" any good? Any others?


6th Aug 2009, 09:54
Saitek do a yoke with a well-defined neutral pitch position, which makes trimming possible, at least.

I gave up on the CH pro yoke because its neutral position was too variable. After even minor yoke movements it would find a new "neutral" position, requiring a re-trim. To be fair though, it had seen some use.

6th Aug 2009, 10:08

I have been using the Saitek yoke for IMC training. It was easy to setup with no problems. I can highly recommend it.


6th Aug 2009, 13:36
Hi Hugh,

You could consult Bob Sidwick at R C Simulations in Bristol.

I have always found him very knowledgeable and very helpful.

([email protected]).


hugh flung_dung
6th Aug 2009, 16:01
Thanks all!
The Saitek gets good reviews but in a long conversation with Bob (a very helpful and enthusiastic chap) he recommended the CH Eclipse - but the earlier CH yoke was so dreadful that I'm dubious. Has anyone used one?
Bob also recommended X-plane, rather than my trusty old IFT-PRO - any comments?


1st Sep 2009, 12:51
Build your own, heres good starting point
Precision USB Joystick Controller BU0836 (http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836/)

hugh flung_dung
1st Sep 2009, 13:00
"Build your own" - an interesting idea (especially as many years ago I conned an educational establishment into giving me an Electronic engineering degree) but sadly there's so much to do and so little time to do it in. ;)