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3rd Aug 2009, 23:02
After the flying club that I was a member of went into administration, they told all students that their student flying records would get sent to the C.A.A. When a new flying club was joined, the C.A.A. would forward them to the new club.

However, after contacting the C.A.A., they have e-mailed me back saying that they have all records from the club that went into administration, however, my record was not there! In other words my record is pretty much missing!

I had approx 35 hours and 5 ground exams done before the club went down the pan.
Wondering if any instructor/examiner here has come across this situation before and ways to go about it?

As you can imagine, a lot of money and time have gone missing so pretty worried. I am not at fault, but someone is, any idea who? I could only imagine that a box with this sort of documentation would have been sent recorded delivery meaning the C.A.A. would have signed for it when it reached, and then lost it........possibly.

I understand I've got to keep an open mind, but any ideas how I should go about this?


3rd Aug 2009, 23:35
Trace your instructors and ask for a confirmatory statement about the hours and exercises you flew with them - if checked their log book entries should correspond with yours. (photocopies as well)

Similarly the examiners should have a record of your efforts.

Nearly There
4th Aug 2009, 08:30
See if you can track down the aircraft tech logs, there will be records of your flights in them to.

4th Aug 2009, 09:22
There is no requirment to have a student record.

The only requirement you really need is to have your log book certified as correct. (Times certified correct, on, at, by!)
This can be done by the FTO/RF who completes the training.
They must be satisfied that the training you have logged is accurate which means you should have your ex-instructors/CFI certify your log book, they should be easy to find, its a small world.

Your exam result need to be logged on a PPL application form again this must be done by the examinar who did them for you, again small work easy to find.

If you are struggling to find your instructor post on here, where are they now.

And make sure your next school is a can do type of place.

Good luck.

9th Aug 2009, 15:57
Alright, Thanks a lot for all your help, I defo have my logbook so will get somewhere with that.

Once again thanks for your help.

18th Aug 2009, 21:50
I've just put this tip on another thread but it is worth repeating.
Keep a copy of your logbook - best way is to scan each page into a file on your PC