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27th Jul 2009, 13:00
Hi Guys,

My recent thread was closed down before I could add a word of thanks to all who had contributed to it.

I am not complaining as it must be admitted that its content was becoming increasingly fraught.

So here's a final word of thanks to everybody who contributed, one and all.


27th Jul 2009, 15:56
Was going to reply before the thread was locked:

I agree with most of what has been said on here about the CRI, I was one before going on to FI and enjoyed every minute of it. However, I would be cautious about spending out on a CRI course at the minute. The two organisations I fly for are turning away FIs on daily basis at the minute, and I hear lots of stories of FIs offering to fly part-time for free just for the hours. The CRI course is great fun and brilliant experience, but don't be surprised if you struggle to get interest for your services post qualification. If that doesn't bother you, go for it. However, the money might be better spent on something else like IMC or aeros if you don't have that already.

27th Jul 2009, 17:23
To be fair the CRI is usually looking at a different demographic to the FI. Although CRI's do operate in flying schools, most of them work outside the standard system.

All of the CRI's I know have no shortage of work doing 2 year flights, differences training, coaching etc. Stuff that most owners and syndicate members won't go to a flying school for.

FI's tend to be looking for a job to either hours build or tide them over while the airline industry is dead. CRI's generally tend to be flying for the fun of it.

If you think about it, it makes sense. If you are an owner or a syndicate member and you know a local CRI, it generally costs you little or nothing for them to come along and do an hour with you from your own strip. If you go to a flying club the costs start to mount up. This is a disincentive to many and the reason why the CRI does well in these circumstances. Becoming a CRI and an LAA Coach opens up the options even further as the LAA has a huge membership and most members go to a coach before they would go to a flying school.

27th Jul 2009, 18:21
Bose - totally agree with what you say. However, I still think anyone contemplating the spend on a CRI would be wise to do some 'market research' to see if there will be a call for their services - for example, if there is already good coach / CRI coverage in their area, or they don't have strip/LAA type experience to offer, they might struggle to properly use the rating. I know a few people with an average PPL/IMC background on PA28s, Cessnas etc.. (with 300hrs of course) with no LAA type/strip experience who have done the CRI and rarely get any instructional time with it. They would have probably been better spending the money building some wider experience on something like an Auster or getting an LAA share, then looking for CRI later.

27th Jul 2009, 20:47
Indeed blagger, wise words. It was the point I was trying to make as well before the last thread was hijacked by DFC. Those doing a CRI tend to be the high hours guys looking to put something back into aviation. Those still looking to take something out tend to head in the FI direction.

30th Jul 2009, 20:05
I'm booked up to do the CRI course towards the end of this year.

I am 'acting' safety officer in a 20 pilot group who operate a PA38, with the CRI under my belt I'm planning to offer my humble services to the group.

There is not a FI or CRI in the group, we do on occasion use a local school's FI but they charge 40 per hour, I'll 'charge' lunch!

If I get on with instructing and when things pick up in the wider economy, then perhaps I'll look at doing the full FI course in a couple of years time.

A bit of thread creep, what further reading would be useful prior to the course? I'm going through my old Trevor Thom books, PPL Instructor Manual and a PA28 tech book (thats what the School uses) any other stuff?

30th Jul 2009, 20:19
Instructional Techniques for the Flight Instructor by Alan Newton & John Halstead. Also make sure you have CPL level knowledge on key subjects such as Met, Air Law. Nav and POF etc.

30th Jul 2009, 20:26
pilot group who operate a PA38,


PA28 tech book (thats what the School uses)

The correct manual for the correct aeroplane may also be useful.

30th Jul 2009, 21:24
DD, worth reading his post again. I read it to understand he wants to teach on a PA38 but the school doing his CRI use a PA28. Therefore I would assume that he is not only using the correct manual but also being quite thorough in his preparations.

But then maybe I have the wrong end of the stick.......... :ok:

30th Jul 2009, 21:50
You are correct bose-x!

The CRI School uses the PA28 for the course, and I want to teach in the PA38.

Thanks for the advice on pre-course reading, looks as if I will have to up my game reading wise, from my old dusty Trevor Thoms to CPL level knowledge books.:ok: